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I'm moving to hainted.
I'm not deleting this journal, but I'm not going to use it anymore.

I've got things looking decent at the new journal.
Now I've just got to add everyone.
I've started the process, but I'm A.D.D as fuck.
So if you'd like to help a nigga out, add me over @ hainted.
Rest Well, baby Gypsy.
Gypsy started acting strange last night. She kept to herself and was just limp in our arms. It was late last night when we noticed this, but we watched her throughout the night. Caleb heard her crying this morning when I was upstairs getting ready for a yardsale. She was sick. I knew she was dying. We got her up to the vet's and he said he needed to take blood. So we left her there and came home. He called us within the hour and said her white blood cell count was really low. She was very weak and even with treatment she probably wouldn't get better. We went back to his office and got to visit with her and say goodbye. Goddamn this is killing us. She was our first real pet together and she was fine. And then she was dying. He said it was feline leukemia. We buried her with my other pets at my dads house. Sweet Dee didn't even get to say goodbye :(
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It's been raining all day. There are flood warnings all over Tennessee.

Idk how it looks around your area kaceyjane, but stay safe!!!

I want coffee & my book. I'm taking a soul feeding day.
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MOVING TO earthlux
hey, hi, hello. i'm sam. i'm 22. live in tenneessee. this is what i'm all about : ♥ my fiance ♥ my BFF ♥ music ♥ ganja ♥ diabloIII ♥ actin a fool ♥ animals ♥ hello kitty ♥ my little pony ♥ coffee ♥ Newports ♥ making money ♥ shopping ♥ tattoos ♥ video games (rpg) ♥ techno ♥ dubstep ♥ trance ♥ house ♥ Supernatural ♥ It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ♥ Nip/Tuck ♥ Buffy ♥ Desperate Housewives ♥ Workaholics
Back September 2014
It's locked for a reason. This is a no bullshit zone, mmk? Keep your drama out of here, ain't no one got time for that. We get along, great, we don't, there's a delete button. I won't get butthurt, promise. Some people just don't click. I don't like reading boring entries, but I also don't like reading about your slutty one night stands or your meth addiction. So people like that stay away plz. No creepers & whatnot. Thanks. =]
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